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Q: I am told that my return will be assessed a restock fee?

A: In most cases, we can work around this, however in some cases it is unavoidable. We hate restock fees as much as you do, but what happens is that some warehouses of ours will charge a 20% restock fee on items returned. Secondarily, we have invested a lot of resources into fulfilling and returning an order, processing it several times. Our general overhead cost is roughly 20% of any given order. Overhead is comprised of our leased spaces, shelving, inventory, forklifts, computers, water fountains, staffing, services, etc. When we refund 100% on an order, we lose 20%, or the cost of the overhead.

In some cases, we can reduce the restock fee. However, every situation tends to be different. If you have strong feeligns against a restock fee on your return, please mention this to the returns specialist you are working with.